Literrary Executor!

Happy to announce that Vashti  (Thylias) has a Literary Executor! my Thing!        And a major nonfiction sequel is in the works for “New Kiss Horizon,” a nonfciction book anyway, just ask Thomas Robert Higginson (seen above) also in the sequel which I hope that I have time to write, life being as […]

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I am at work on a sequel to:All about the continuation of the romance between Vashti and Thomas Robert Higginson! Please note the book excellence award for this book!  Notice how happy ThomasRobert Higginson is about this.  Think abut this passage in NKH: “As we wait for the walk signal, you have a great idea, so when we complete the crossing of […]


Demise of Vashti & Thomas

This is just to say that there is no more Vashti & Thomas. Nothing beautiful remains because the only beauty was Vashti herself. When Vashti finds another man, a significantly better man, because she will, make no mistake about that! –but when I do, I shall continue this blog with tales of Vashti Astapad Warren […]

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It’s getting hot in here!

Well you know how much Vashti Astapad Warren LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Thomas Robert Higginson, well, ths is what Thomas Robert Higginson thought the first time he met Vashti, so full of attraction, I mean the sexual tension was oh so palpable: : “I’m ready to slip my hands under her dress, tear those panties that […]

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The Kiss

I’ve long known the benefits of a good kiss (The kiss is everything for me) In Plain Sight: Kissing Chemistry Ever get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you kiss? See how your body and brain react. WEBMD.COM|BY WEBMD Thylias Moss My entire romance novel is inspired by and titled after the most exceptional kiss […]

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