It’s getting hot in here!

Well you know how much Vashti Astapad Warren LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Thomas Robert Higginson, well, ths is what Thomas Robert Higginson thought the first time he met Vashti, so full of attraction, I mean the sexual tension was oh so palpable:


“I’m ready to slip my hands under her dress, tear those panties that I can already see, off her, and just enjoy everything then, that sweet, sweet bush of hair, so wild, and just the way I like it, really want to taste it, swirl my tongue in there, as far as I can…” 

and Thomas Robert Higinson’s thoughts here (as he shops inside his  “Dream Baby Tienda“):

(Thylias Moss  in the Dream Baby dress,–name Dream Baby taken from Thomas’s poem, “A Trip to the Tienda” also in: “New Kiss Horizon”:

Dream Baby Dress
Thylias Moss in Dream Baby dress worn on my last date with the most exceptional man! on whom  Thomas Robert Higginson is based):

“I push my cart even further in produce and eye atemoyas, hybrid, like that fruit that is child of us, of sugar apple and New Zealand cherimoya; I taste things I already like, but never combined like this, and never this intense, mixture of vanilla, pineapple, coconut; they are instantly chilled by the sweet coldness of my breath locking with her breath, and this is the strangest kiss, tastiest kiss I’ve ever known, and then my tongue scoops the goodness out of the shell, Goddess, I want my tongue in you, exploring and tasting Vashti goodness, and my tongue navigates around the large black toxic seeds, Vashti is good for me, but parts of her are dangerous, resurrecting Helen back into a picture in which she doesn’t belong, but I already know that Vashti is worth any risk; there is more risk in not exploring her and having her part of my life! —I realize now that I never want that to happen; I refuse not to have my Vashti, as openly as possible, I vow this to myself, praying that Vashti hears it, praying she feels it, and it parts her thighs that I’ll part anyway if she won’t, and I do worry how open I can really be with this? —but thinking Vashti wants this, wants anything I make her want is everything, so seduced just by the atmosphere of my tienda. I wear it like a cape, like a new skin; I wear it, but it’s Vashti’s.”

Thomas Robert Higginson’s thoughts in an 

Excerpt From: Thylias Moss. “New Kiss Horizon.” iBooks.


copyright © 2016 by Thylias Moss. Published by arrangement with the author.  All rights reserved.



Well in the interim, whenever Thomas Robert Higginson is not near, this is available :

Oral sex simulator:



Want to acquire New Kiss Horizon?  You should!

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