And here’s the song that has me tweeting like a happy bird-of-my paradise days with him, did I tell you that he keeps rocking my world?   Phat Cat Players, but I hear the song entirely and exclusively in Thomas’s bariton; there i snothing like it on earth. Gracias Thomas, muchas gracias! Read about us […]

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For my book, the romance novel, I have received a quote from Thomas Robert Higginson himself, the real man behind him, whose name I do not disclose protecting the real msn’s identity, but he said: Thomas Robert Higginson’s own comments about New Kiss Horizon ( NKH): “NKH is a miracle of consciousness in a body […]

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Okay, so Vashti has to prove herself, what with that book about me and Thomas Robert that could be in your hands with now. Are you kidding me?  Just what are you waiting for?  If “juicy romance” is to your taste, then you have got to have this book!  “New Kiss Horizon” by Thylias Moss.  E-book versions and a […]


New Beginnings Everyday!

2017 has begun, and Vashti is excited for the possibilities… Where will I go this year?   What will I do?   I have already spoken with Thomas Robert, how could I not?  His work takes him all around the world.  All around my world also, and of course that was implied.   He is […]

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Welcome New Year!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016, and Vashti could not be happier to see it go.  Good riddance!   Things aren’t  even the best right now, with that absolutely adorable man, Thomas Robert Higginson.   To be expected,  as golden as he is, he doesn’t glitter all the time (except to me, that Fool’s […]

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Merry Chrsitmas!

Vashti seems to have fallen off the tree where I was just hanging out thinking, of course, of Thomas, missing him badly.     I do have life without him,  but my gift to him is peace in his heart, instead of me, for I would not give him any peace, just pieces of me.  […]

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Liar, liar, pants on fire

Well, hate to say this, but Thomas Robert Higginson has revealed himelf to be  more of a liar than I realized, just too trusting,  so in love with him, that I elieved anything; would not allow good sense to prevail especially when love is not an exercise in good sense at all.     What […]

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