New Kiss Horizon nominated for Book Excellence

Guess what?  Vashti has returned and Thomas Robert is also nearby, and we have something to celebrate!


The book about our Love, written by Thylias Moss has just been named a finalist for the Book Excellence Award!Book Excellene award copy


Cover of NKH



If you have not yet read this fine romance, it is not too late:


“New Kiss Horizon” my 13th book (a romance novel ) links:


Link to “New Kiss Horizon” on Smashwords:

Link to “New Kiss Horizon” paperback on Amazon:

Link to “New Kiss Horizon” Kindle book on Amazon:

Link to Thylias Moss Amazon writer page:

Vashtis Blog (narrator of NKH, maintaining a blog so that readers may keep in touch with developments in the character’s life beyond the book):

Vashti’s blog URL:




Keeps getting better and better, though nothing is better than us! 

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