In the mood for Music for Thomas


Thomas, tonight all I can think about is being in your arms. you know what you do to me.

Time to spray a little of his Dakar on my sheets, so that I can get into a bed of him, and somehow never get up, staying in a bed fo him, wrapping m myself up in the sheets, rolling over and over again to give him  a better look at all the parts and angle of me; his eyes were cameras, and so were his lips. The telescope of mouth, his white hans like clouds to which I had no choice but to surrender.

Music is my youtube playlist, and I hope you like this Thomas Robert Higgiinson, it is all for you, everything is:  Vash loves Thomas Robert Higginson with all my heartvashtis-blog-477




Thylias Moss wrote a whole book about us, you know New Kiss Horizon







some links that will help you get his book, you must read it, it is so beautiful and what everyone wants to love to be, needs for love to be:


“New Kiss Horizon” my 13th book (a romance) links:


Link to “New Kiss Horizon” on Smashwords:

Link to “New Kiss Horizon” paperback on Amazon:

Link to “New Kiss Horizon” Kindle book on Amazon:

Link to Thylias Moss Amazon writer page:

Vashtis Blog (narrator of NKH, maintaining a blog so that readers may keep in touch with developments in the character’s life beyond the book):

Vashti’s blog URL:


Here’s Thomas Robert Higginson himself:





and here is his quote for the book all about him: 


“NKH is a miracle of consciousness in a body formed by the future.

—Thomas Robert Higginson 


“I want to love a man so intensely that I would contemplate doing anything just to be in his arms, just to touch him with such passion I nearly incinerate. I will keep hoping and I will keep dreaming and I will keep praying, anything that might work.
I am sixty years old, and it’s time. I am not going to live forever, but I want a man who makes me want to live forever, a man where being with him I feel as if it’s forever, though it can’t be, for what lasts that long?
I want it anyway.
Wasn’t there, that love between a woman and a man —hell, I longed to be kissed, longed to be touched as if such kissing and caressing could never happen again… I don’t need exotic locations, or financial wealth, just emotional wealth, and a willingness to invest a little of that wealth in me. Just as I’m willing to invest it in him.
I want sexual fulfillment on my part; not just his, and I want to be told that I’m beautiful! I want him to like how I look, and to say so! —in multiple ways, mostly in how he touches me and interacts with me physically, and in his heart, Oh what I’ll say to him, what I’ll do to him, for him; how I’ll reciprocate, if he inspires me, if he makes me feel deeply.
No limits to what I’ll do.
I want sex to unfold like a stunning flower, rapturous pollen to spread everywhere, even in the wind, drops and specks of that exceptional powder becoming stars; every night as if being inside a Van Gogh painting or Renee Cox’s photography, that body consciousness, inside a Sacred Geometry in which I see additional skies, black and brown and caramel and beige bodies ready to embrace, not afraid of the erotic at all —just what I want, what I refuse not to have —so it’s now or never for that elusive love”

Excerpt From: Thylias Moss. “New Kiss Horizon.” iBooks.



Doesn’t Thomas Robert Higginson look good?  He always does.






copyright © 2016 by Thylias Moss. Published by arrangement with the author.  All Rights reserved

The author Thylias Moss:AUTHOR PHOTO- THYLIAS MOSS


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