Intergalactic love for Thomas Robert from Vash

Astronomy Valentines (some nearly natural) as in : <>

Hearts of Space“a  music program also

Of course, Vash is over the moon thinking of Thomas!

How can I not be? You don’t know that man as I do; in fact Thylias Moss wrote an entire book about us.  Want to know him a little bit better?  Then read New Kiss Horizon by Thylias Moss 

An excerpt from the book “New Kiss Horizon” about Vashti and Thomas Robert Higginson, a romance perfect for anytime Love is appropriate.  

“Thomas Robert Higginson and Dream Baby —together —
You order shrimp and grits. One plate; I don’t need an entire separate order… You have to get used to how little I eat. We both have coffee. You remember how much I like chocolate, and I order “Fat Elvis” for dessert.
“Thomas, can we also go dancing?
“I know we’ve danced in other ways and I know that we still dance like any other electrons around a nucleus of us —wherever electrons exist or can exist or have ever existed, but I still want a dance with you… Didn’t have a dance at my prom or at my wedding, I don’t mind that, but I have to dance with you.”
“We will have that dance. I promise.”
As planned, we walk to The Chicago Institute of Art. We see one of my favorite paintings — Conrad Richter’s “Woman Descending the Staircase,” and you get the idea for me to pose in front of it.
“Stand there, just like in the painting.”

Me 96 -Chicago Institure of Arts
“Move a bit to your left, and hold out your left arm —just as in the painting. That’s perfect.”

“I so like when you find anything about me “perfect” —even the sound of my shoes, as they begin to pinch my toes —just so that I can be as beautiful as possible for you —worth it for my feet to be cramped —if such cramping means I get the Prince Charming Higginson Particles —the sound of my shoes, remind me so much of when I walked into the warehouse for the shooting of Poetry Now —so similar —repeating for a reason, Thomas; we have poetry right here —you click the shutter —and I’m in your camera phone with the painting, and the moment is preserved…an impression of unending beauty, glamour, and elegance that endow every memory you will ever have of us. Please always have them.
Others stop to watch this, so impressive it is —there is recognition that this is special, that this means something —I have no idea how many others may have captured this moment also —a shared moment of shared reality —already encompasses others —already belongs to others, became part of their imperfectly perfect worlds…
We move to the doors to exit the museum.

“Thomas, my feet are really hurting.”
“Just take off your shoes, if they hurt your feet so much. I’ll tell you where to walk, where to place your delicate feet.” I follow your direction; I don’t like how the asphalt feels, a bit prickly, tiny knife tips, but you direct me to what seems smooth.
“Step here, DB, that’s it, now here… Ok, step where I point.”
We walk for several blocks. You’re not ashamed of any of this in public, and that attracts you to me even more…
As we wait for the walk signal, you have a great idea, so when we complete the crossing of the street, you kneel, “Climb on DB; go for a different kind of ride.”

“I quickly climb on your back, my arms tightly around you. You carry me and all my herstory on your back for a while, and now we’re looked at. Horns honk as we’re noticed.

“Thomas, are you aware what’s happening to my skirt?”
“Didn’t think you’d mind.”
“It’s just… others can see…”
“Embarrassed to be seen with me? —you think people don’t know what we’ve done?”

“You know I’m not embarrassed… I would even tell people…”
” —You are telling them right now; they know.”

Passersby are smiling at this spectacle of old lovers. Some seem so jealous, as they should be… I know how special it is to be with you. They can only imagine, only dream —but I know; Thomas.
“I’m proud that you’re with me —you know that, don’t you?”
“Well, I thought so from the moment you kissed me in the taxi. Thomas, I earned a degree in kissing from that taxi ride! —and I earned the diploma on Thursday, the first time we made love was my graduation —with highest honors, summa cum laude.”

“Yeah, I did kiss you pretty good.”

I free one of my hands, to hit you on your back, laughing as I do this, then wrap my arm securely back around you.”

Excerpt From: Thylias Moss. “New Kiss Horizon.” iBooks.


copyright © 2016 by Thylias Moss. Published by arrangement with the author.  All rights reserved.

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