Thomas’s Kiss



I realize the need to describe the one thing that has changed my life –for good, permanently, and that is the kiss of Thomas Robert Higginson, and I will be trying to write about it, probably for the rest of my life. 


Song for a his kiss, and  everything Thomas Robert Higginson, because believe me there is no the man like him:


Warm Water:

by Banks






(take 1)

I had a conversation with my mother this evening.

At first, the conversation went well.

But then she asked me something I found disturbing. Of course, my mother has a right to her own opinion; and I hope she has an opinion for years to come. But

I do not like when my mother’s opinions seem to insult my friends, especially my most special friend of all, no joke.  

She asked me if that “dirty dog” of a man was still trying to talk to me. She has no idea that I use Facebook, this tool of the devil, to lead God’s people astray into the hell of the cyber world, (she did not say “cyber world”, of course).

My mother said that she did not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, and a woman should not have that kind of power.

She was disappointed to learn that I might have any interest in any man. She emphasized how she has been celibate since the death of my father in though she did not use the word “celibate”.

and said that I should do the same.

She said she had opportunities, but these dirty dogs sought only to victimize divorcees and widows.

She said that I should ignore a man’s comments that he finds me pretty, “Hey Baby, you’re pretty,“,she said, just a ruse that men use to try to turn the head of a woman so that he can get from her whatever he wants, all of it lies. She says that these men are only after a divorcee’s social security. She says that she knows all of this is fact. Now the man she’s questioning tells me a lot of “pretty” –I happen to like when certain men tell me that, Thomas, I mean.  Doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say.  


She said that if I listen to “rubbish” like that, then I have no wisdom.

She told me, using lots of profanity, that if I wanted to have my legs wrapped around the neck some man who meant me no good, then fine, and I have no wisdom. She does, however, a downright overabundance of wisdom.

She has no idea that I actually did wrap my legs around his neck. She would not even believe that I kissed this man.

You have to meet him,

but until you do, please read New Kiss Horizon and understand.


Guess she hasn’t read New Kiss Horizon, and never will. Would kill her, and I am not ready for matricide…


Cover of NKH


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as is New Kiss Horizon, available now.


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