Okay, so Vashti has to prove herself, what with that book about me and Thomas Robert that could be in your hands with now. Are you kidding me?  Just what are you waiting for?  If “juicy romance” is to your taste, then you have got to have this book!  “New Kiss Horizon” by Thylias Moss.  E-book versions and a paperback direct from Amazon… Sure is.   


Let me show you that cover agin, with my lips all puckered up to kiss that man.

(and prepare to fan yourselves!)


Cover of NKH



I just have this powerful thing, you know?   



Keeps  drawing me to that man even when it shouldn’t?  Nothing that Vashti Astapad Warren can’t handle, I assure you.  




 Thomas Robert Higginson, and isn’t he fine?      Well, he is for me, and that is all that matters. That’s

I know it may be winter where you are but just thoughts of Thomas Robert Higginson always warm my spirits.  Always Hot! pretty darn near volcanic! 




Thee are those who try to tell me that Thomas Robert isn’t worth it, but Vashti knows so much better, and unless they have kissed Thomas Robert, ain’t nothing they can tell me worth listening to; it is all about the kiss..






all about the kiss!



If the kiss ain’t right, Vashti stops dead cold.  I now I mentioned the kiss of Thomas Robert before, but I can’t say enough about it.. Just one kiss is all it took.  Um hum, just one kiss.  (well, just one look)


as in this song:









Read the book; “New Kiss Horizon”  by Thylias Moss and you will know just what Vashti means.


Cover of NKH





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