New Beginnings Everyday!

2017 has begun, and Vashti is excited for the possibilities…

Where will I go this year?  

What will I do?  

I have already spoken with Thomas Robert, how could I not?  His work takes him all around the world.  All around my world also, and of course that was implied.  

He is not always good to me; he wants to be good to me, and then falls short as mortal men always do.  Not always good to me, but always good for me.  I will explore these differences at a better hour. vashtis-blog-460


Please read this book.  We will see later what reviewers have to say.  





It is all about the kiss.  pucker, pucker. smooch!  Kisses and taxis.   A poem that must be written…


“It’s in his Kiss”  –Berry Everett




Linda Ronstadt  and Phoebe Snow: “It’s in His Kiss”



Linda Ronstadt and Kermit the Frog

(Vashti loves Kermit also, not that Thomas Robert Higginson is his twin.


and of course, Prince live, singing Kiss:

Last Performance.  But not Thomas Robert’s last performance.  Never. Legendary, that, and Vashti is doing her part to seal that reputation for him.



as soon as I have my poem(s) about his kiss, I will post them.  Always writing them in my head.

and here’s that book again, Thomas Robert Higginson.  Hope you like it, how can you not when it’s all about you and Vashti?:  Cover of NKH

copyright © 2016 by Thylias Moss. Published by arrangement with the author.  All rights reserved.





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