Vashti in NYC

It rained and rained while I was there, and fortunately, I had the most stylish rain poncho ever!

I love Thomas Robert Higginson –says so because that is how I really feel! 
Need to get that man off my mind sometimes, while any of my mind is left for me! 

There are some places that I just can’t wear this poncho; think about it! 

In the –unlikely, I assure you!– but in the unlikely event that I find myself with some other man,  I cannot wear this poncho; I mean unless he happens to have THE SAME NAME, it’s just not going to work, is it? 

As it is,  I was walking around in a baggie!

As if I was something you might have for lunch, and I wouldn’t mind that as long as it’s Thomas’s lunch. 

Otherwise, I have no interest in playing cafeteria, know what I mean?

Icicle chopsticks or something like that?  My heart is determined to love this man for the rest of my life.
Sometimes, I just want to lasso him in about 6 wreaths of Oreo cream so that he will resemble that Michelin Man, all gooey good! 
Would be wonderful! That’s for sure! A better version of,  what is it called? “Foie Gras”? I think? Throat stuffed and clogged with goodness that makes it pop with deliciousness! What a way to go: PERFECTION OF TASTE!

I could use a fix of Thomas right now! 
 Anytime is the right time!  Thomas as an Oreo,  my favorite sandwich cookie, circles ever of Thomas — Thomas Wheels– (my training wheels for a man like him)

Well, that’s is for now, going to have a couple of Oreos and some milk to make sure I get every drop of his cream.


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