First Black Santa

Well, there’s been quite a bit of discussion about the first black Santa in the Mall of America.

Well, depending on who you ask, well, Santa didn’t always come to my neighborhood, but when he did, he was always brown. 
And I never sat in a strange man’s lap!  Just gives the wrong impression! I can never do that! You know how that looks! 

And he takes both girls AND boys! That red-suited devilish pedophile! Probably at least one, no matter his color.

I can tell you that Thomas doesn’t play that way!
Santa was always Brown, my father and uncles,  never gave this a second thought.
Anyone who could navigate chimneys as he did all the way around the world in a single night could surely alter his color at will; a bit of camouflage!
And he could accomplish this whether or not there was a chimney for him to traverse.
What an amazing sleigh!

Please! No red-suited man for Vashti!

Hands-down! Don’t touch  me! Mr. Santa, no matter what color you are.
There is such a thing, as makeup you know; skin can be made to seem darker or lighter.
And don’t forget Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, some benevolent white man who slides down chimneys instead of knocking on the door or ringing the bell, everybit a thief in the night with a big ole sack into which he  can put things with ease, even kidnap. And he’s given free range in the house, eating the cookies and drinking the milk that finally the father who’d had nothing to do with his kids had purchased  so that the cereal would not have to be dry!
And not to mention the reindeer droppings! — that Santa was not prepared to clean up unless that is what the bag was for…
However,  I am glad that a strange man bearing gifts enters our apartment that has no chimney, yet he gets in weighing no more than a prayer!
And everything is right in the world,  even world peace,   the season greeting him and us in the best possible way!
Thomas climbs out of Santa’s  bag and Vashti indeed has a most good night! 


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