Great Trip!

Vashti has been busy! –you’ll never guess where I was. But really it should have been easy if you know me?  


Give up?


Well, I’ll tell you!  Vashti Astapad Warren was on, well?



Yeah; what’s new?  I was on Higginson Street –every day!  –I don’t want to be anywhere else! –I really don’t…


And you can read all about this love in New Kiss Horizon (available on Amazon)



Cello passage from NKH:

I definitely can’t tell you the sound of your voice is so refreshing. I love to hear you talk, love how you laugh from the depths of you, a sound that rises out of your feet and works its way up you a sonic vine, sonic grape vine, and every word you say is a grape I pluck, almost as if I’m undressing you, your vocal cords quivering like me, softly, gently, tiny vibrations of a symphony inaudible to human ears, their limited range, but all vibration is sound.    

Maybe I could pluck them like strings of a violin I used to play; no, strings of a cello, an instrument you have to hold  differently, the neck of the cello to the left of my head, the cello body positioned between my knees, which firmly steady the cello –and Thomas, suppose that’s you?  Would  you mind such thoughts if you knew them?  Guess Donna is right, and I am a bit of a promiscuous woman,  but I want to be better than this, Thomas.  I don’t want to be so defined by this, as if I can’t have such feelings, feelings I don’t completely understand.  But you do.



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